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Teriyaki Pink Salmon
Teriyaki Pink Salmon
Teriyaki Pink Salmon

Teriyaki Pink Salmon

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Created by Chef Brandon

Teriyaki Pink Salmon - 454g boneless and skinless Salmon filet portions , 46g teriyaki marinade

Ingredients:  Wild BC Pink Salmon, Soy sauce, sherry, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, canola oil, corn starch, guar gum

Allergens:  Fish (salmon), soy bean, sulphites, may contain tree nuts.

Cooking Instructions BBQ:

     1. thaw in fridge overnight.
     2. preheat BBQ to 350F
     3. open bag, setting aside excess marinade in a bowl for basting
     4. Grill approximately 7-9 minutes total basting before and after flipping.
You can also cook Teriyaki Salmon in an air fryer. Simply use a piece of parchment paper to line the fryer basket, baste with sauce and cook 7-9 minutes.
Chefs tip: garnish with sesame seed and finely chopped green onion before serving!