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Smoked Tuna- Candied (6 pouches)
Smoked Tuna- Candied (6 pouches)

Smoked Tuna- Candied (6 pouches)

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6 x 113g pouches of wild Canadian Candied Albacore Tuna.  

Made from wild Canadian Albacore Tuna, full tuna loins are naturally cold smoked, portioned then heat processed in gold foil pouches.  This results in a shelf stable product (soft can) that does not require refrigeration until being opened.


Sumac Albacore Tuna (Tuna, Sumac, Salt, Italian Parsley, Lemon zest, Black Pepper), Water, Rice, Salt, Aspergillus Sojae), Natural Hardwood Smoke

 Contains : Fish (albacore tuna), soybean

Simple serving suggestion:

Serve as an appetizer with crispy crackers, a mild cheese and green olives.