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Swimming Scallops Frozen (Whole) 10lb
Swimming Scallops Frozen (Whole) 10lb
Swimming Scallops Frozen (Whole) 10lb

Swimming Scallops Frozen (Whole) 10lb

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Frozen 10LB boxes of wild pink and spiny scallops, in-shell, caught off Quadra Island.  Approximately 150-200 scallops.

Small and flavourful, swimming scallops are best eaten whole (not just the white adductor like larger scallops).  Similar in size to clams and mussels, and easily substituted for them in recipes.

Swimming scallops have "a more complex flavour than sea scallops on the East Coast, are less aggressively sweet and they are balanced by a pleasant, oyster-like brininess as well as a nutty flavour usually associated with clam." according to WA-state writer Susan Herrmann Loomis 

Frozen individually and easily portioned, they should be cooked from frozen, steaming until they open. They can also be baked, BBQ'd or fried. Check that the white meat is firm (but not yet rubbery) and they're done.  

Caught live by local fishermen off Vancouver Island 2022. 

Fished by butterfly trawl, specifically designed for this fishery, that does not damage the ocean bottom like east coast scallop.  Bycatch is next to nil, consisting of animals like sea stars and urchins that are returned unharmed.

Flushed at sea with no need to clean.

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