Whole Frozen BC Spot Prawns (2020)
Whole Frozen BC Spot Prawns (2020)
Whole Frozen BC Spot Prawns (2020)

Whole Frozen BC Spot Prawns (2020)

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Frozen 1KG boxes of 2020 BC-caught whole spot prawns. Plant frozen, sushi grade.  Vacuum sealed in 2 x 500g 'easy separation' sleeves to allow portioning.

These are the most valuable species of prawn in the world, prized for its size and sweetness, and typically served as nigiri in traditional sushi restaurants.

XL grade are 20-24 pieces per 1KG box.

Contains sulphites - sodium metabisulfite preservative is used mostly to prevent discolouration of prawn heads.

Flushed in refrigerated sea water while live, and do not need to be deveined.

Caught from waters all over Vancouver Island, we truck them in from offload docks daily through the annual season.  We process overnight on Quadra Island, utilizing a live tank system to maximize freshness.

Do not leave whole prawns thawed - cook or remove heads right away.  Digestive enzymes from 'head' section can affect tail meat texture.  Chef's tip: remove head from tail while partially thawed.  Soak in luke-warm water for a 1-2 mins, remove the head, then place tail back in the fridge to continue slowly thawing.  Alternatively, cook whole prawn from frozen - so long as you can serve immediately, or halt the cooking process with an ice bath after cooking.

We recommend cooking conservatively and preventing tails from surpassing 150F internal temperature.  Boiling from thawed 30-60 seconds is ideal, for example.  Do not overcook, and use an ice bath for cooked prawns if you're not serving them right away.

Watch Chef Brandon's take on preparation here: https://youtu.be/PS9yqm-Xmgc?t=170