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The Grill Box
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The Grill Box
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The Grill Box
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The Grill Box

The Grill Box

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Perfect for the summer season, our 4 (or 5) course Grill Box is in proud collaboration with Chef Spencer Watts  featuring wild BC Albacore Tuna and Lingcod, wild Alaskan Coho Salmon, and a delicious dessert. 

Go big with our optional 5th course of BC Spot Prawn tails, with included cedar grilling plank. 

  1. Cowboy rubbed albacore tuna with summer vegetable succotash, dill cream & maple vinaigrette

  2. Candied salmon kebabs with basil butter

  3. Dad's Root Beer-miso and brown butter ling cod with root vegetable gratin ad lemongrass cream

  4. Chocolate Cherry Brownie with cherry caramel sauce

Each course is designed to feed 4 people - would be suitable for 2 hungry people or 6 light eaters. 

Full Preparation Guide

Course 1: Cowboy rubbed albacore tuna

With summer vegetable succotash, dill cream & maple vinaigrette

1/2-LB BC Albacore tuna with 2oz Cowboy Rub, 195g (6.8oz) Vegetable succotash and 2oz Maple Vinaigrette

Cowboy rub ingredients:  Chili powder, Garlic powder, Onion powder, Smoked paprika, Sweet paprika, Cumin, Citric acid, Sugar, Salt, Pepper Contains Capsicum, Onion, Garlic

Vegetable succotash ingredients:  Corn, Edamame (soy beans), Carrot, Red pepper, Yellow/green Zucchini, Dill cream, Dill, Parsley, Garlic, Shallots, Lemon, Cream, Salt, pepper, Ultratex 8 (modified tapioca starch) Contains Garlic, Dairy, onion

Maple vinaigrette:  Shallots, Dijon mustard, Water, Maple syrup, Sherry vinegar, Salt, pepper, Ultratex (modified tapioca starch)


Course 2: Candied salmon kebabs

With basil butter

Four x 3oz skewers of Marinated boneless wild Alaskan Coho Salmon with 2oz Red onion relish, and 2oz Basil butter.

Candied salmon marinade ingredients:  Brown sugar, Soy sauce Contains Soy

Basil butter ingredients:  Basil, Lemon peel, Shallots, Garlic, Smoked salt, White pepper Contains Garlic, dairy

Optional Add-on Course: Spot prawns on Cedar Plank

With herb rub and lime baste

1LB Medium BC Spot Prawn Tails on 1/4" Cedar Plank with Herb rub and 2oz Lime Baste

Herb rub ingredients:  Cilantro, Parsley, Scallion, sugar, Salt, Cumin, Coriander

Lime baste ingredients:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Citrus juice (lime, orange, lemon), Water, Honey, Thyme, Dried lime powder, Salt, Turmeric, Smoked chili flakes


Course 3: Dad's Root Beer-miso and brown butter ling cod

With root vegetable gratin and lemongrass cream

1LB boneless skinless BC Lingcod fillet portion with 284g (10oz) root vegetable gratin

Root Beer marinade ingredients:  Miso, Dad's Root Beer, Brown butter, Egg yolk, Lemon, Sweet soy Contains Egg, soy, dairy

Root vegetable gratin ingredients:  Carrots, Parsnips, Sweet potato, Shallots, Lemongrass, Cream, Ginger, Sherry vinegar, Salt, pepper, Gruyere cheese, Panko, Parsley, Garlic  Contains Dairy, wheat, onion, 


Course 4: Chocolate Cherry Brownie 

With Cherry caramel sauce (we also suggest vanilla ice cream, not provided)

450g brownie plus 2 x 2oz cherry caramel sauce.

Brownie ingredients:  Dried cherries, Cherry liqueur, Water, Cocoa powder, Flour, Baking powder, Salt, Butter, Dark chocolate, Eggs, Cane sugar Contains Alcohol, egg, dairy

Cherry caramel ingredients:  Dried cherries, Cherry liqueur, Sugar, Cream, Butter, Water, Salt 


Prep Instructions

See guide here;


Albacore tuna  

If using a BBQ, pre-heat with the indirect method 

  • (one side of the grill on high heat / the other side of the grill off) 

TUNA part 1  

  • Thaw in fridge overnight
  • On day of BBQ, remove thawed tuna from vacuum sealed bag
  • Pat tuna dry on all sides using kitchen towel 
  • Lightly brush tuna with oil 
  • Season tuna with ¼ tsp salt and the Cowboy Rub; make sure to coat all sides  

Vegetable Succotash  

  • In a small saucepan on the side burner of the BBQ, or “hot” side of the grill, add the Dill Cream and the Vegetable Succotash 
  • Slowly reduce until the cream is thick and coats the vegetables 
  • Season with a pinch of salt and black pepper 
  • Keep Succotash warm

TUNA part 2  

  • Lightly spray tuna with non stick cooking spray on all sides 
  • Grill tuna on the hot side of the grill 45 seconds to 1 minute on each side so the outside is cooked, but it’s raw in the middle. 
  • Remove from heat and brush the grill clean
  • With a sharp knife, cut tuna (one large slice for each portion or two slices per portion if the end tapers)
  • Plate a portion of the Succotash per person, with slices of tuna on top. Drizzle a bit of Maple Vinaigrette on everything. Enjoy! 


Chef’s Tip: Tuna loin is sushi grade and Tataki is always served raw throughout, so just the edges are cooked.

Chef’s Tip: IQF vegetables (individually quick frozen) generally taste fresher if you cook them from frozen, rather than thawing them out ahead in which case they tend to oxidize more and sit in their own juices that they shed during thawing.


Candied Salmon Kebabs 

  • Thaw Salmon Kebabs in fridge overnight
  • Take Basil Butter out of freezer about 2 hours before you want to grill the Salmon Kebabs so it can come up to room temperature 
  • Remove kebabs from the vacuumed sealed bag and pat dry
  • Spray Salmon Kebabs on both sides with non stick cooking spray and grill on the hot side of the BBQ
  • After 1 minute, ¼ turn the salmon 
  • Cook for 1 more minute 
  • Place salmon on the side of the BBQ  that’s off, on top of a small sheet of foil 
  • Slather with Basil Butter and close lid 
  • After 1 minute, remove from heat
  • Brush grill clean and enjoy! 

Root Vegetable Gratin & Root Beer Miso Lingcod 

  • Thaw lingcod in fridge overnight
  • Remove lingcod from vacuum sealed bag and pat dry with kitchen towel 
  • Remove lid from frozen Root Vegetable Gratin and wrap the top with clean aluminum foil
  • Place on the “off”  side of the BBQ
  • Season the fish with a pinch of salt and spray with non stick cooking spray
  • Grill the fish for 1½ minutes  
  • ¼ turn and cook again for 1 more minute  
  • Flip fish and place on a small piece of foil on the “off” side of the grill 
  • Remove foil from Vegetable Gratin 
  • Close lid and cook fish until it reaches 145-155F internal temperature 
  • Remove veg and fish from grill and enjoy 


  • Take the Cherry Caramel Sauce out of the freezer about 2 hours before you want to warm up the brownie so it can come to room temperature
  • Remove brownie from the packaging 
  • Cut brownie to desired portions 
  • On a small piece of foil, lightly warm on the “off” side of grill 
  • When brownie is warm, plate with the cherry caramel sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!


Cedar Planked Spot Prawns

  • Thaw prawns and Lime Baste in fridge at least 12 hours before dinner or overnight
  • If using a charcoal BBQ then prepare a mature coal bed large enough to fit the cedar plank directly on top of the coals
  • If you have a grill rack or resting rack that you can put directly on the coals this can help even out the hot spots. If you don’t have one then the plank can go directly on the coals just fine (it’s already pre-soaked in ocean water so it won’t burn too quickly)
  • Just before putting the plank on the coals, fan them with a piece of cardboard or a hairdryer to get rid of excess ashes and soot
  • Place plank on coals or rack and immediately pour the Lime Baste on the prawns as evenly as you can. Dab them with a basting brush to ensure each prawn is evenly coated with the baste.
  • Put a couple coals on any exposed edges of the plank to really get the smoke going, then immediately put the lid on the BBQ with all of the vents closed if you have any.
    • If using a propane BBQ then just remove the grill and place the plank directly over the flames on high heat. Note that it will likely take a bit longer to cook this way (approximately 5-8 minutes with the lid down).
  • Cook for 4-6 minutes until all the prawns have turned opaque and shiny
  • Transfer the prawns, plank and all directly to a platter so you don’t stain anything with the drippings