Thai Curry (Geng Gati) Rougheye
Thai Curry (Geng Gati) Rougheye

Thai Curry (Geng Gati) Rougheye

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 227g (2 x 113g) frozen packs of fillet portions in Chef Brandon's Thai Yellow Curry.  Made from wild BC rougheye rockfish.  Boneless and skinless.

Chef Brandon's Yellow Curry (Geng Gati) uses whole young coconut and Kaffir lime leaves for a fresh, balanced and authentic flavour with medium heat.

Ingredients: Rougheye rockfish, Coconut milk (coconut milk, polysorbate 60), Lemongrass, Whole young coconut, Galangal, Ginger, Garlic, Fish sauce (anchovy, salt, sugar), Shrimp paste (shrimp, salt, monosodium glutamate, disodium-5-inosonate, disodium-5-guanylate), Sugar, Fresh bird's-eye chilies, Dried bird's-eye chilies, Kaffir lime leaves

Cook at 325F for 8-9 minutes in pan with sauce in convection oven, or 375F at 10-12 minutes in conventional oven.

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