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Sumac and Lemon Spice Rubbed Tuna
Sumac and Lemon Spice Rubbed Tuna

Sumac and Lemon Spice Rubbed Tuna

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Created by Chef Brandon 

1-LB (454G) BC Albacore tuna loin with 12g of Sumac Lemon Spice Rub

Sumac Lemon Spice Rub Ingredients:  sumac, salt, Italian parsley, lemon zest, black pepper 

Sumac Lemon Spice Rubbed Tuna 

If using a BBQ, pre-heat with the indirect method 

  • (one side of the grill on high heat / the other side of the grill off)  
  • Thaw in fridge overnight
  • Lightly spray tuna with non stick cooking spray on all sides 
  • Grill tuna on the hot side of the grill 45 seconds to 1 minute on each side so the outside is cooked, but it’s raw in the middle. 
  • Remove from heat and brush the grill clean
  • With a sharp knife, cut tuna (one large slice for each portion or two slices per portion if the end tapers)
  • Chef’s Tip: Tuna loin is sushi grade and Tataki is always served raw throughout, so just the edges are cooked.