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Quadra Island Scallops 1LB
Quadra Island Scallops 1LB

Quadra Island Scallops 1LB

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Harvested July 2022.

1LB packs of frozen Quadra Island scallops.  13-17 scallops on average.  Individually quick frozen (IQF) for easy portioning.

Specie is a hybrid of Weathervane (for hardiness & size) and Hokkaido (for sweetness)

Quadra Island's We Wai Kai Nation cultivates and harvests scallops in their cold, fast moving waters off of Rebecca Spit Provincial Park. Watch our feature, and Brandon's preparations, here

Three ways we love, courtesy of in house red seal Chef Brandon:

  1. Seared
  2. BBQ with Kimchi
  3. Ceviche