Pacific Treasures Box

Pacific Treasures Box

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Pacific Treasures Box - go BIG with an assortment of wild frozen seafood and save! 

Each box includes:

  • BC Spot Prawn Tails (1.5 LBS x 2 boxes, Large grade, sulphite free) - $80 value
  • BC Spring Salmon fillets (325g x 4, boneless & skinless) - $64 value
  • BC Petrale Sole fillets (1.5 LBS, boneless & skinless) - $29 value
  • BC Albacore Tuna Loin (1 - 1.5LB, sashimi grade) - $22.75 value
  • BC Halibut Fillet (1LB, boneless & skinless) - $31 value
  • BC Lingcod Fillet (1LB 4-piece pack) - $16 value
  • Leader Creek Sockeye Salmon portions (227g pack x 8, boneless & skinless) - $68 value

That's $310.75 value for $210.75 - a $100 savings. Please note: this box is exempt from further discounts.

Minimum 14.36 LBS / 6.52 KG total net weight. No substitutions.

Box available while supplies last.

Do not leave whole spot prawns thawed - cook or remove heads right away. Digestive enzymes from 'head' section can affect tail meat texture.  

Chef's tip: remove head from tail while partially thawed. Soak in luke-warm water for a 1-2 mins, remove the head, then place tail back in the fridge to continue slowly thawing. Alternatively, cook whole prawn from frozen - so long as you can serve immediately, or halt the cooking process with an ice bath after cooking.

Watch Chef Brandon's take on Spot Prawn preparation here: