Frozen Spot Prawn Tails (2020)
Frozen Spot Prawn Tails (2020)

Frozen Spot Prawn Tails (2020)

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Frozen 1LB tubs of BC spot prawn tails (approx. 30-40 pcs) , from June-July 2020 season.  Made from medium size grade prawns.

Caught from waters all over Vancouver Island, we truck them in from offload docks daily through the annual season.  We process overnight on Quadra Island, utilizing a live tank system to maximize freshness.

Contains sulphites.

Despite what recipes you see online, we recommend cooking conservatively and preventing tails from surpassing 150F internal temperature.  Boiling from thawed 30-60 seconds is ideal, for example.  Do not overcook.

Watch Chef Brandon's take on preparation here: