Cold Smoked Fish
Cold smoked BC Albacore Tuna
Cold Smoked Fish
Cold smoked wild BC Spring Salmon

Cold Smoked Fish

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Naturally smoked products in frozen, vacuum packed portions.  Cold smoked in collaboration with Campbell River Seafoods.

BC Spring Salmon (AKA King or Chinook) is boneless, skin-on. Wild caught Aug/Sept 2020 from Nootka Sound & Alberni Inlet.

Ingredients: Spring salmon, Salt, Natural Smoke

BC Albacore Tuna is #1 grade, boneless & skinless.  Wild caught Aug/Sept 2020 from south-west coast of Vancouver Island. 

Ingredients: Tuna, Salt, Natural Smoke

Thaw in fridge overnight, and enjoy.  

Recommended Fresh Garnishes:

  • For Smoked Salmon: orange, radishes, tarragon leaves (or other delicate herb, such as dill, mint, chervil, chives)

  • For Smoked Tuna: Celery & celery leaves, capers, olive oil and some fresh-looking greens, such as: sunflower sprouts, parsley

Recommended Accompaniment:

  • Crackers. Look for ones with a nutty but simple flavour and crunchy texture. 
  • Crunchy, refreshing veggies — cucumber, radishes or similar.