Chef's Four Pack
Chef's Four Pack
Chef's Four Pack
Chef's Four Pack
Chef's Four Pack

Chef's Four Pack

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Four of Chef Brandon's delicious easy to prepare creations.


  • Spicy Korean Lingcod (1 x 454g plus 134g sauce) - $22.99 value 
  • Black Bean Halibut (1 x 454g plus 46g marinade) -$39.99 value
  • Lemongrass Rockfish ( 1x 454g plus 60g coconut cream sauce) - $19.99 value
  • Marinated Sockeye Skewers ( 1 x 325g Sockeye plus 20g herb rub and 30g baste - $36.99 value

  • Created by Chef Brandon

    Spicy Korean Lingcod - 454g Lingcod, 134g Sauce

    Ingredients:  Wild BC Lingcod, Hot Pepper Bean Paste, soy sauce, canola oil, sugar, kimchi

    Allergens:  Fish (Lingcod), Sulphites, may contain nuts.

    Black Bean Halibut - 454g halibut, 46g black bean marinade

    Ingredients:  Wild BC Halibut, salted black beans (black bean, salt, potassium sorbate), canola oil, ginger, clove, star anise, sugar.

    Allergens:  Fish (Halibut), soy bean, wheat. May contain tree nuts

    Lemongrass Rockfish - 454g Rougheye, 60g coconut cream sauce

    Ingredients:  Wild BC Rougheye, coconut cream, lemongrass, fish sauce, ginger, garlic, brown sugar, shrimp paste, dried galangal, lime leaves, tumeric, red bird's eye chilies

    Allergens:  Fish (Rockfish, anchovy), shellfish (shrimp). May contain tree nuts.

    Sockeye Skewers - 325g Sockeye, 20g herb rub, 30g lime baste

    Ingredients:  Wild Sockeye Salmon, herb rub (sugar, salt, scallion, dill, cilantro, parsley, garlic) 

    Lime Baste Ingredients: (packed separately): Olive oil, lime juice, shallots, dried limes, thyme, honey, salt, tumeric

    Allergens:  Fish . May contain tree nuts



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