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Bait Herring
Bait Herring
Bait Herring
Bait Herring
Bait Herring

Bait Herring

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Vacuum packed trays of wild Canadian Pacific Herring. 

Single trays available at $10.99 each, or 4 trays for $37.99.

  • Rhys Davis 7 are 6-7" fish, 12 per tray
  • Rhys Davis Medium are 7-8" fish, 8 per tray
  • Rhys Davis Large are 8-9" fish, 6 per tray, and
  • Rhys Davis Extra Large are +9" fish, 6 per tray

Our original product since 1973, we catch our herring when ambient feed is at its lowest, off the Quadra Island west coast from November-February. 

Fish are hand brailed and transported by a fast boat to our location in small batches, and are frozen within 2 hours. 

Vacuum packed herring are at their firmest with minimal scale loss with these techniques, leaving our Rhys Davis and Tom Brown Sport Bait brands as the premier choice for sport fishers from Alaska to California.

This product is sold by count.

Open bag to thaw bait. Not for human consumption.

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