Refresh Wild Sockeye Fillets - 5LBS

Refresh Wild Sockeye Fillets - 5LBS

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5LB box of Refresh wild Leader Creek sockeye salmon fillet portions. 

Pieces are 200-400g each, B-trim with pin bone in and skin on.

Delivered on ice in a cooler, not vacuum packed.

These are best enjoyed the day you receive your order - freeze or otherwise preserve the rest.

Our Refresh program features products thawed under very controlled conditions.  While conventional thawing results in drip loss at about 2%, we achieve under 0.3% - greatly enhancing the taste and texture of our product.  

The goal of this is to offer fish which still has the same fresh taste and texture as when we offered it in season. This means performing filleting the day before delivery on fish that was properly frozen the day it came to the plant, properly storing and properly thawing. This is high quality year-round even when the fishing season is long over. Can your friends and family taste the difference? Our goal is that they can’t.