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Hokkaido Scallops 340g
Hokkaido Scallops 340g
Hokkaido Scallops 340g
Hokkaido Scallops 340g

Hokkaido Scallops 340g

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Frozen 340g packs of Northern Hokkaido Scallops (Patinopecten yessoensis).  Individually quick frozen, 20-40 pieces per LB.

Sashimi grade scallops (aka Hotate) are sustainably harvested off the coast of Northern Hokkaido, Japan.  Frozen on the same day of harvest to guarantee the highest quality, scallops from this region are well known for their sweetness, density & consistent shape.  Imported by Clear Ocean Seafood in Richmond, BC.  Harvested Summer 2022.

How to Prepare:

Thaw in fridge overnight, pat them dry and sear in a hot frying pan with plenty of oil.

Cook them one or two minutes on one side, and let them turn opaque half way up and get golden brown on the bottom edge. 

Flip and cook on the other side for about 10 seconds at the most.

Squeeze some lemon on top and add some flaky salt. They will be crispy on the top and juicy inside.

Chef's tip:

About 15 seconds before they're done you can add a couple tablespoons of butter, smash a couple garlic cloves, tarragon sprigs, and some citrus peel and add that to the pan. The aroma really permeates the scallops and the bubbly action of the butter helps crisp up the scallops even more. 

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